Ingun KS-550 WL Wireless Receptacle

The KS-550 series, part of the KS-WL product group, offers an advanced wireless receptacle solution designed for reliability and performance. These receptacles feature a press-in version with a gold surface area, ensuring high-quality electrical connections.

Key Specifications:

Connection Type: Wireless

Minimum Center-to-Center Pitch: 1.27mm (50mil)

Mounting Hole Diameter:
- Press-Fit: 1mm
- Collar: 0.95mm

Current Rating: 2A continuous, <20mOhm Resistance

Bottom Probe Spring Force: 1N

Material: 3CuBe with Gold Plating

This product is specifically crafted for integration with a Test Point Carrier Board—a custom Printed Circuit Board that facilitates the connection between the spring-probe end of the receptacle and the targeted connectors or instrumentation. For optimal performance, we recommend implementing a footprint with a 1mm pad on both the top and bottom layers of the PCB, centered with a 0.2mm via. This configuration ensures convenient access to the test point networks even when the fixture is fully assembled, significantly simplifying the debugging process.

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